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Leeward Community College's Workforce Development Office (OCEWD) is located on the Diamond Head end of the Leeward Community College campus, with ample free parking. We are on the city bus line, which makes it convenient to commute from anywhere on Oahu.


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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Leeward Community College, Room ED 201


Leeward CC’s Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development (OCEWD), is partnering with the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) to offer its Medical Assisting students several national certifications. To promote awareness and local partnerships, OCEWD and NHA are inviting educators and employers to attend an information session on July 31, 2019. This session is FREE, featuring two guest speakers from NHA, and an open Q&A session at the end of the day. See details below and sign up today.

Information Session Ideal for Educators, Employers and Working Professionals

Join National Healthcareer Association (NHA), as guests of Leeward Community College, to learn how industry recognized allied health professional certification, team based care training and health coaching training can be implemented in schools or employee training programs with the goal of improved patient outcomes.

Our guest speakers will share information for high schools including NHA’s pathway for high school students to gain industry credentials, certification test design and development, leading resources in certification test preparation and certification and leveraging data analytics for student success!

We’ll end the session with a great moderator led Q&A session where educators and employers can collaborate on best practices for ongoing collaboration for student, school, employee and employer success!

If you are interested in attending, contact Glenn Mendoza at 808-292-4313, or fill out our short online form.

National Healthcareer Association.

Since 1989, NHA has awarded more than 750,000 certifications to healthcare professionals pursuing their career goals. As the industry leader, we are passionately committed to develop, advance and advocate for the frontline healthcare worker, resulting in improved patient care. Together, we provide a path for achievement and help people make their career dreams come true. We want schools to fulfill their mission, employers to work smarter and more efficiently, and ultimately for patients to receive the care they deserve.


Susan Dalebout

Susan has spent her career helping students, educators and employers understand standardized exam preparation and exams leading to candidate success on standardized exams and opening the door to new or additional education and career opportunities. The past six years have been dedicated to NHA and leading a team focused on providing a quality certification preparation and exam experience for allied health students, programs and employers in the US. Working together with peers and leadership, Susan has been part of NHA’s focus on successfully attaining industry leading customer CSAT scores and employee eSAT. Prior to NHA, Susan spent time at Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions delivering successful business results and developing teams with work tied directly back to individual students and their fulfillment of dreams to attend great universities, graduate programs or achieve professional licensure or certification. Education and job training, as a pathway to increased opportunities, is an objective Susan is passionate about!

Maggie Wall

Maggie Wall applies expert knowledge, industry experience, and relentless energy in working with educators and employers through National Healthcareer Association. A graduate of Baker University she began her career at National Healthcareer Association as an Account Manager. Within 2 years, Maggie became a Certification Specialist by assisting the company in promoting industry recognized certifications for allied health professionals who come in daily contact with patients.  Maggie is a skilled, achieving professional with over nine years of dedicated work in healthcare and education. Maggie is respected as an engaged ‘team player’, mentor for colleagues, accountable, and a problem-solver while consistently evaluating additional opportunities for continuous “Kaizan” development in her own work and in behalf of NHA customers and students.

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