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Leeward Community College's Workforce Development Office (OCEWD) is located on the Diamond Head end of the Leeward Community College campus, with ample free parking. We are on the city bus line, which makes it convenient to commute from anywhere on Oahu.


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(808) 455-0477
96-045 Ala Ike, Room CE 101, Pearl City, HI 96782

Our Location

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Leeward Community College is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students. UH’s COVID-19 policies apply to all of Leeward Community College’s Non-Credit students.

As of January 3, 2022, all students who plan to be on campus must be fully vaccinated OR have an approved medical or religious exemption. All students attending IN-PERSON classes must check in to the UH LumiSight App each time they come to campus. Students who are not vaccinated must be approved for an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination; exemption requests must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the first day of class. Students with approved exemptions must also test weekly and submit those results via the UH LumiSight App.

More information can be found on the University of Hawai’i, COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement for Students FAQs page.

OCEWD front entrance.
OCEWD front entrance.
View of Diamond Head from OCEWD office.
OCEWD classrooms exterior.

As part of Leeward Community College, the Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development (OCEWD) is committed to the mission and strategic initiatives of both the campus and the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges and System. We do this by positioning ourselves as a leader in local workforce training and certification, providing high-quality courses and programs in an inclusive, accessible, environment. Our flexibility and willingness to partner enable us to build strong relationships with educators, community programs, and businesses. We provide creative, innovative solutions to address specific needs within local industries and our community.

Our office and classrooms are located on the Diamond Head end of the Leeward Community College campus, with ample free parking.

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Campus Map and Directions

Leeward Community College, 96-045 Ala Ike, Pearl City, HI 96782

FROM HONOLULU: Take the H-1 Freeway, ‘ewa bound, to the Pearl City exit (exit #10). The middle lane of the exit leads you directly to Moanalua Road. Proceed west on Moanalua Road. Turn left onto Waimano Home Road and continue until you reach Kamehameha Hwy. Turn right onto Kamehameha Hwy., following the Leeward CC directional signs and staying in the far left lane. You’ll pass one intersection at Sam’s Club. Staying in the far left lane, you’ll drive under an overpass and make the first left turn after the overpass onto Waiawa Road. Continue till Waiawa Road ends and make a right turn at the stop sign onto Ala ‘Ike.

FROM ALL POINTS ‘EWA: Follow signs to PEARL CITY until reaching Farrington Highway. Follow the Leeward CC directional signs, making a right turn onto Waiawa Road, the direct access road to campus. Continue till Waiawa Road ends and make a right turn at the stop sign onto Ala ‘Ike.


Patrick Leddy
Program Coordinator

William Labby
Program Coordinator

Michael Scully
Associate Prof., Non-Credit Culinary Arts

Elyse Matsumoto
Administrative Officer

Marissa Mier
Non-credit Registration Clerk

Lisa Daclison

Jarissa Lum
Education Specialist

Dayna Lapina
Education Specialist

Leeward CC Mission

The Mission, approved by the UH Board of Regents in May 2012, and the Philosophy of Leeward Community College

Vision: Leeward Community College is a learning-centered institution committed to student achievement.

Mission: At Leeward Community College, we work together to nurture and inspire all students. We help them attain their goals through high-quality liberal arts and career and technical education. We foster students to become responsible global citizens locally, nationally, and internationally. We advance the educational goals of all students with a special commitment to Native Hawaiians.

These core values shape Leeward Community College’s mission:

We value cooperation, collaboration, social responsibility, and concern for others as crucial elements in building a sense of community inside and outside of the institution.

Diversity and respect
We value individual differences and the contributions they bring to the learning process. We believe that our students are enriched through a diverse intellectual and social environment, where learning occurs through exposure to world cultures, and through interaction with peoples of diverse experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.

We value personal and institutional integrity by fostering a culture of continuous improvement to open pathways to student success. We hold ourselves accountable for providing a high-quality academic experience.

Open access
We value all students. We seek to meet their needs, as well as those of the community, by offering a diversity of courses, degree and certificate programs, and training opportunities, through traditional and distance education modes of delivery.


We believe in the dignity and potential of each individual and the power of that belief to help people learn and grow. We are committed to providing an educational environment that accepts people as they are and fosters the development of each student’s unique talents.

At Leeward Community College, education is a cooperative endeavor in which students, faculty, and staff share responsibility.


KA NUʻUKIA: ʻO ke Kulanui Kaiaulu o ʻEwa, he kula kia i ka hoʻonaʻauao a he kūpaʻa hoʻi i ka holomua a ka haumāna ma nā ʻano like ʻole.

KE ALA NUʻUKIA: Ma ke Kulanui Kaiaulu o ʻEwa, alu like mākou ma ka mālama a me ke kīpaipai i nā haumāna.  Kōkua ʻia nā haumāna ma ka huli a loaʻa kā lākou mau pahuhopu ma o nā polokalamu hana noʻeau laulā a me nā polokalamu ʻoihana pākōlea like ʻole.  Paipai ʻia nā haumāna i ka lilo i hoa makaʻāinana pono ma ke kaiāulu, ma ke aupuni, a ma ke kauʻāina.  Kākoʻo ʻia nā pahuhopu hoʻonaʻauao a nā haumāna a pau me ke kūpaʻa nō hoʻi i nā ʻōiwi Hawaiʻi.


Kaiāulu: He mea nui loa ke alu a me ka hana like me ka mālama nō hoʻi i ke kanaka ma ke kūkulu kaiāulu i loko a i waho aʻe o ke kahua kulanui.

Kākoʻo a Hōʻihi i nā kānaka like ʻole: He mea nui loa ke kākoʻo i nā kuanaʻike like ʻole a he waiwai nō ia ʻike i ke aʻo pono.  Pōmaikaʻi nā haumāna i ke komo i ke kaiāulu o nā ʻike like ʻole, ʻo nā ʻike moʻomeheu like ʻole o ke ao nei nō hoʻi kekahi, a me ka launa pū me nā poʻe o nā moʻolelo like ʻole.

Kūpono: He mea nui loa ka hana pono o neʻi nei a hōʻike ʻia ma o ka hoʻomōhala a hoʻoikaika mau i nā ala pono hele ʻia e ka haumāna.  Hoʻohiki ʻia nō ka pōʻaiapili aʻo pono loa.

Kūākea: He mea nui loa nā huamāna a pau.  Hoʻokō ʻia nā mea e pono ai ka haumāna a me ke kaiāulu ma o ka hoʻomākaukau i ka papa, ke kekelē, a me ka papahana palapala ma ke aʻo ʻana i ke kahua kula a ma o nā ʻenehana like ʻole.

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