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​EDU5450 - THRIVE (Teaching Habits to Reach Independence and Viable Employability)

​Course Description
THRIVE stands for "Teaching Habits to Reach Independence and Viable Employability". THRIVE is a program that offers students an opportunity to gain valuable workforce knowledge and apply soft skills in real-world settings. The program also provides opportunities to interact with Leeward Community College's faculty and employer partners to obtain vital information about how to find a job and be successful in the workplace.  Service learning and volunteerism will be introduced to students as a pathway to gain work experience. THRIVE is a post-secondary education and employment experience for job seekers.

Learner Outcomes
Program Objectives:1. Establish work history and increase job network.2. Develop soft skills, such as organization, punctuality, teamwork, conflict resolution.3. Increase awareness of Hawaii-based occupations to make effective career decisions.4. Apply softskills authentically in the community through volunteering and service learning.5. Experience college life on campus and gain friendships.

1.  Must have the desire and motivation to work.

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