​HLTH5120 - Nurse Aide II: Patient Care Technician

​Course Description
This course is designed to educate and train nursing assistants to support licensed nursing staff in long term care facilities. Participants  will, through lecture, laboratory practice and evaluation, specialize in skills to include sterile gloving, wound care, oral suctioning, diabetes care, enteral nutrition, catheterization, colostomy care, specimen collection and tracheostomy care. Completion of a DHS approved nurse aide training program is required.

Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:
1. Give examples of current issues challenging the healthcare delivery system in the U.S.
2. Account for legal principles that guide personnel in the delivery of healthcare.
3. State the evolution of the patient care technician in the healthcare setting.
4. Demonstrate effective communication methods used by the healthcare team to exchange vital patient information.
5. Describe measures utilized to prevent the spread of infectious organisms.
6. Perform task-oriented duties and skills under the supervision of licensed personnel.

HLTH5100 - Nurse Aide Training Program (Complete)

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