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​Bill Labby
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​TRAD5802 - Reading Mechanical Systems Technical & Engineering Drawings

​Course Description
This series of introductory courses in Reading Technical and Engineering Drawings is designed for those who are required to read, understand and interpret technical diagrams, engineering drawings and blueprints.  Each course introduces the student to the structure, function and conventions of technical and engineering drawings and diagrams.  The courses emphasize the special features of technical drawings for specific applications in facilities engineering and maintenance, manufacturing, and construction.  Students gain practical knowledge and experience through a series of exercises using sample prints.
This course is designed for onsite training for groups of 12 - 24 participants.  Tuition: $4,250.00

Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
Read technical and engineering drawings and interpret them.Technicians will be better able to understand project requirements.Conduct new equipment installationsConduct effective troubleshooting

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