Industrial Technology

Be prepared for new emerging careers such as Biofuels Plant Operators or become a specialized technician in our Mechatronics program. Mechatronics is a field of training combining skills in mechanical, electrical, and control systems to prepare future workers in light rail transportation, energy production, plant operations, smart-grid power management, manufacturing plants, product shipping automation, and more. Our Process Plant Operator Program is based on a national curriculum and will prepare you to work at power plants, oil refineries, electric companies and renewable energy production plants. Participants will benefit from our strong industry ties with companies including Hawaiian Electric Company, Tesoro, AES- Hawaii, Covanta - H Power, Pacific Biodiesel and City & County Wastewater. These vital partners validate the curriculum and recruit successful graduates for employment. Training for security guards, forklift operation, and even basic construction is available through our Industry & Trades courses.

Coordinator Contact

Bill Labby

Industrial Technology Program Module Descriptions

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