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​HLTH5470 - Health Information Technology and Healthcare Delivery

​​​This course is part of the Certified Coding Series (HLTH5400)​
​Course Description
This course will teach participants about the design, development, and handling of health information data. Learn how information is stored, retained, and retrieved in accordance with ethical, legal and voluntary rules, regulations and standards, numbering and filing systems, documentation and form requirements, screen designs and content, use and structure of health data sets, and how these components relate to primary and secondary record systems are covered.

Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:
1. Analyze health record data sets in order to construct reports, graphs, and data maps according to industry standards
2. Classify healthcare information requirements and determine if an organization is meeting industry standards.
3. Analyze health information situations to determine the most probable healthcare delivery system to locate needed information.
4. Apply knowledge of healthcare privacy, confidentiality, and ethical issues in accordance with laws and industry standards.
5. Apply data security, data storage, and retrieval skills to organize and locate health information needed for continuity of care, billing, and legal requirements.

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