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​William Castillo 
For information contact main office 808-455-0477​
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​TRAN5210 - Driver Improvement Course

​Course Description
This course is ideal for those who regularly drive for work or business.  Participants develop awareness to recognize hazards and potentially reduce risk and liability.  Learn to utilize all of your senses to be able to drive more defensively.  Other topics include dealing with traffic emergencies and vehicle emergencies. This course is also offered on location for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 participants with a cost of $125 per person. For more information and scheduling, please contact the Program Coordinator, William Castillo at This course satisfies HRS §286-202.5 requirement.


Learner Outcomes
Upon successful completion participants will be able to:
1. Learn to recognize hazards to reduce risk and liabilities
2. Take more care when driving at night, in inclement weather, very hot weather, mountain driving and normal driving
3. Identify and deal with emergency situations
4. Understand the effects of alcohol, drugs and controlled substance use.

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