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ENR5500 - Driver Education - Classroom Only

Course Description
​Start with our Driver Education Program, which fulfills the classroom portion. In six weeks, using audio/visual programs and class activities, you’ll be prepared to move on to the “behind-the-wheel” portion.

This 30 hour driver education course will be conducted in the classroom only. The course will prepare students for achievements in social wellness, visual skills for awareness, information processing and decision-making, risk prevention management, vehicle control, vehicle correction skills, and performance excellence (§19-139-102 HRS).


Gary Au is a certified State of Hawaii Driver Education instructor. He retired from the Honolulu Police Department with instructional experience in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Driving, Traffic Laws, and Expert Witness. Through his company, Drive Safe Hawaii (founded in 1992), Gary has provided a high level of training for groups and individuals.

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