Computers and Technology

First-time computer users as well as professionals will find a variety of classes to fit their needs. Courses are offered in introductory and intermediate levels, including basic keyboarding skills, introduction to computers, and Microsoft Office. Instructors teach in a contextualized manner including many job-related tasks and projects into their lesson plans to bring relevancy to the trainings. Courses offered in the Instructor Coached format are favored by the student who desires to learn at their own speed in an individualized style. Instructor-led courses are also offered for the tradional learner.

Coordinator Contact

William Castillo
For more information contact our main office 455-0477​

"Instructor Coached" Courses

Our instructor coached style of instruction allows you to progress at your own speed while receiving individualized attention and assistance from the instructor. This approach is ideal for adult learners who need more time and assistance. Instruction ends when you have accomplished your course
competencies, or by the course end date, whichever comes first.